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                       What we do


Ranging from physical product to web launches, episodic TV, documentary, service offerings, or simply determining the best story to share with the media, we work with clients in a variety of ways to make sure they get noticed.


Measurables are important!

Once the campaign or 'push' is over, we track media coverage showing market reach and  total media impressions. In Exempla:  4.6 million Canadians were reached by TV, print, radio and online media between Jan 10-26th during our media campaign. 

An audit of a company's and individual's brand identity can prove invaluable. What are your Mission and Vision Statements, Your Brand Promise.  Understanding and fine tuning these essential messages translates to effective communication 'outward facing', to the media and the public at large. 

Media Training

Reporting for live radio and TV taught me the importance of being ready and sounding like you know what you're saying.  I do mock-radio interviews with clients to make sure they're media savvy and ready to share their story. 

Product launches, media preview events including: dignitaries, celebrities, spokespeople.  Employing my Director and Producer roles, we create and organize Photo Op events ensuring print, TV and radio media come to hear your story and that your story is told properly. 

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